Introducing King of EOS 🥁


King Of EOS

King of EOS

King of EOS is the first decentralized game on the newly launched EOS blockchain. All EOS accounts can battle for the throne.

As it has become the standard for cryptocurrencies, the first game has to resemble characteristics of a pyramid scheme, and - quite bluntly - so does King of EOS. 🤴🏻 You can dethrone the current king by paying an increased throne price, and becoming king has several advantages:

  • You can promote your project/block producer as a king by adding a description and uploading a banner picture. This is the first thing people will see when visiting Like a real king, you’re the owner of a 3D castle and your banner image is used as the flag of the tower. King Of EOS
  • Earn EOS: When a new person becomes king, the higher price he paid will go to the previous king making the previous king a big profit (30%). So you don’t actually have to be sad when someone else claims your throne, because you are guaranteed a profit when that happens!

The game’s rules are fully controlled and enforced by its smart contract:

  1. The round starts with a price of 1.0000 EOS to become king. 👑
  2. Becoming a king comes at a cost. You can dethrone the current king by paying 1.35x the price he paid for the throne. 🤴🏿
  3. If you are the king and someone else claims your throne, you will get the price he paid. Meaning you will make a profit of roughly a third of what you paid for the throne! (There’s a small commission charge.)
  4. If you stay king for 7 consecutive days, the kingdom will be forever yours and a new kingdom (round) will start! You will be immortalized as the ruler of this kingdom on the EOS blockchain and in the Hall of Fame. 😎

This means as long as anyone claims your throne within 7 days you will earn 130% of your EOS back. The hard part is estimating human greed and knowing when to stop. 🤑

How to play?

First, you need an EOS Account. If you don’t have one already, you can buy one here without any fees - thanks to CryptoLions.

Next, you’ll need an EOS wallet holding your private keys. I recommend Scatter - it’s a secure browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that makes it easy to interact with websites using the EOS blockchain.

Scatter is a way to sign transactions and provide private data without exposing keys and unnecessary information while interacting with web applications communicating with the EOS & Ethereum Blockchains.

Try the demos to become familiar with Scatter. Then create an identity within Scatter, import your private key and link your account on the EOS Mainnet.

Setup is done. 🎉

You can now become the King of EOS. Navigate to and check the current throne price.

Claim Throne

Clicking the Claim button allows you to customize your kingdom. You can set a Kingdom Name and upload a Flag Image. Then, you should unlock your Scatter, click on Claim, select your identity in Scatter and accept the transaction. Make sure to double check the transaction’s amount of EOS and the receiving account should be eoskingofeos.

How to use Scatter with King of EOS

This is all. Good luck! 🤞

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