Progress Report - December 2018


I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

What did I do

Productive Hours in December

I worked 72 productive hours last month. Pretty good, considering I didn’t work over the Christmas holidays. I watched The Haunting of Hill House.

I installed a new VS Code theme, One Dark Space Gray. It’s absolutely beautiful. 😍

I discovered and I can indeed listen to it while programming without being distracted. I even think it helps me focus. Usually, I don’t listen to music while coding or sometimes listened to low-fi hip hop, but there I still found some songs to be too distracting.

Business-wise I finished both the smart contract and the frontend integration of my battleship-style decentralized game for my Learn EOS Development book. The book will go into detail about building EOS dapps by using this game as an example. I wrote a couple of sub-chapters for the smart contract chapter for the game. I severely underestimated how much is still left to write and how long it takes even if you have the code already. 😞

Another hurdle was that the book is written in MarkDown and compiled to PDF using pandoc. And I had to write my own custom pandoc-code-file-filter which can include sections of code from files. This way I don’t have to manually copy & paste code from my repositories to the MarkDown file anymore. It was especially annoying when I did small code changes or even only changed the formatting. Other pandoc code include filters only work by annotating the source code itself, which I did not want to do, and had a limited set of features. At least, I can now write my own book compilation pipeline. 😃

Platform Growth


Sessions went down to 9,807 on my website.

Website Traffic

I wrote two new posts:

  1. Difference Boolean Constructor and Double Negation
  2. Deferred Transactions on EOS


My twitter followers increased by 9_ to 361. This number is extremely low, I wonder why. 🤔

Learn EOS Development Subscribers

I currently have 253 email subscribers for my book. (+29 in a month) I just sent out a new email newsletter with short updates on EOS + the book. The book is still going well. I need to finally release it, hopefully in the next month.

What’s next

Full focus on the last chapters of the book.

  • Write tutorials for free and link to my book. Collect email addresses. All while actually writing the book.

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