Progress Report - February 2021


I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

What did I do

Productive Hours in February Hours worked on side-projects in February

I worked 104 productive on side projects hours last month.

To make these progress reports a bit more interesting, from now on I’ll post my favourite song, TV show, and article I read last month.

What was worked on

  • I took part in the Paradigm CTF, scored well and got introduced to a lot of great people.
  • Most of my allocated free time was spent looking at ETH hacks and writing blog posts. I started a new series, Replaying Ethereum Hacks.
  • business-related tasks

Platform Growth


Sessions on my website went up to 8,849. I think it’s because I’m writing more blog posts to a wider audience again. Plus, these posts are included in some ETH newsletters.

Website Traffic

I stuck to my bi-weekly schedule of releasing a blog post. ✅ I even wrote three blog posts instead of just two!

  1. Paradigm CTF 2021 Solutions
  2. Replaying Ethereum Hacks - Introduction
  3. Replaying Ethereum Hacks - Furucombo


My twitter followers increased by 56 to 742.


Learn EOS Development

I sold 6 books last month.


I made 93 EOS last month arbitrage-trading crypto.

What’s next

  • Investigate more interesting hacks and write about them. I thought about making the Replaying Hacks posts a video series on YouTube. I become more and more a visual learner myself and watching a video is more relaxing than reading. 😁 I could create a gitcoin grant to promote it. But first I need better equipment …

Hi, I'm Christoph Michel 👋

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Currently, I mostly work in software security and do on an independent contractor basis.

I strive for efficiency and therefore track many aspects of my life.