Progress Report - July 2017


Progress Report - July 2017

I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

What did I do

Productive Hours in July 2017

I worked 36 productive hours. (Tracked using RescueTime.)



Downloads went up by 100. In sum, my apps were downloaded 1050 times this month.

In-App Purchases

In-app Purchases stayed stable at 14 orders this month. (+2) I made an estimated 47.92€ (-1.15€) this way.

Ad Revenue

Ad revenue is stable, too. I consistenly make around 60 euros, this month I made 61.78€ (+2.38€) for 74135 Google AdMob banner impressions.

App Income AdMob

Total App Income

In total, this month’s app income was 109.70€ (+1.23€).

IAPs Ads Total
47.92€ 61.78€ 109.70€

After my record month in June, July was another record month where I made over 100€ with my apps!. Now I just need to 10x it.

Platform Growth


Website traffic was mostly stable again. I released only one new blog post at the end of the month, the CodePush CheatSheet.

Website Traffic


My twitter followers stayed the same at 162, some people unsubscribed, some subscribed. 🤔
I have to work on this by being more active on my blog again.

What’s next

I implemented CodePush this month into the new app I’m working on, and it’s really awesome. Especially for people like me that like to add new features, but don’t want to go through the whole AppStore release process every time and instead end up just not implementing small features. I’ll write more about it once I release the app. The frontend is mostly done, my plan is now to move the backend to a serverless architecture.

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