Progress Report - September 2020


I post a progress report showing what I did and how my products performed each month. Last month’s report can be seen here.

What did I do

Productive Hours in September Hours worked on side-projects in September

I worked 117 productive hours on side projects last month. That’s awesome and almost twice as much as the months before - I had some more free time.

To make these progress reports a bit more interesting, from now on I’ll post my favourite song, TV show, and article I read last month.

What was worked on

  • VIGOR launch 🚀
  • improving my arbitrage bot
  • other private projects

Platform Growth


Sessions stayed at 6000 on my website.

Website Traffic

Finally, I was able to pump out two short articles and stick to my biweekly schedule. They were inspired by updating to macOS Catalina and having to fix my dev environments.

  1. Fixing C++ compilation bugs for the MacOS Catalina upgrade
  2. How to install an old package version with brew


My twitter followers increased by 23 to 646.


Learn EOS Development

I sold 2 books last month.


I made 330 EOS arbitrage trading last month. IIRC, most of it was from being one of the first to integrate a new DeFi token that launched at the beginning of the month.

What’s next

  • I enjoy tinkering around with the various EOS DeFi projects and trying to combine them to get a high APR. Maybe I’ll build a product in this direction.

Hi, I'm Christoph Michel 👋

I'm a , , and .

Currently, I mostly work in software security and do on an independent contractor basis.

I strive for efficiency and therefore track many aspects of my life.